Trump V Media

The main problem with Trump’s war against the media, and this is indicative of most of my issues with him as a “politician,” is that at the core of it, the man has a valid grief. The pitfall he runs in to time and time again is he overstates and exaggerates that grief until his supporters are left with a terribly distorted view of reality and his opponents cannot believe a word that comes out of his mouth. And isn’t this the exact indictment he makes of the media?

John Stossel has a very good piece out there on this you can read here.  Stossel agrees it is refreshing to hear the president calling out the media on their misleading claims, but his efforts are thwarted when he takes things too far himself.

Unfortunately, Trump is now just as ridiculous, claiming that “crime is reaching record levels” when it’s half what it was 25 years ago. He claimed, “We had a very smooth rollout of the travel ban,” and that he had “the biggest electoral college win since Reagan,” and so on.

This is absurd. Facts are facts. Trump shouldn’t make things up.

But I still love his “Fake!” tweets because much of what media spew is misleading.

This really sums up everything about Trump.  We all know he is a business man and a “negotiator,” yet he does the country a disservice when he spends so much time posturing on every issue.  The President should be straight with the American people, as should the media.  More from Stossel:

The press is depressingly shallow. They blow up little things, speculate about conspiracies and constantly obsess about “who’s winning?” Offensive remarks are taken out of context and amplified. Days later, it’s forgotten and the media move on to the next sensational accusation. They rarely explain the policies at stake, what those policies cost, past success or failure or the laws of economics.

Interestingly, couldn’t the same be true of Trump?  Trump has the same issues with the media that many of his opponents have with him.  Making things will help neither side, and it will only hurt the American people.  I am hoping that once the real policy-making starts to happen in congress, and when he really needs to bring democrats to his side to get things done, he will temper his words a little more.  Exaggeration and hyperbole is fine when you are trying to get the best price from a concrete vendor, but Trump is now dealing with much bigger stakes.

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