It is Time for Liberty

So, like many of the Libertarians out there, I disagree with Gary Johnson on some of the issues lately. I understand the argument that he is Republican lite. On the issues, I would have preferred Austin Petersen as the standard bearer of the party; however, there is no doubt Johnson will have not only more national exposure, but more credibility than our party has had in a very long time. It is already pretty evident in the stream of press and appearances he has had in the last week since winning the nomination. So yes, I am all if for Johnson.

That being said, it is time for all Libertarian and Liberty-minded people to unite behind Johnson to push the agenda of Liberty forward. Austin is the future of the party, and he will make a fine candidate in the future. It would be nice if he ran for congress, as it would be nice to have a few voices for Liberty in the legislative branch. I am deeply disappointed in the whole “gungate” issue, but I will chalk it up to “frustration on the trail.” I suppose if Petersen can put it behind him, so can I.

It is time for the message of Liberty to be mainstream. It is time for people to decide voting for the lessor of two evils is still voting for evil. It is time to support a candidate we believe in. It is time for the Government to protect Liberty by getting out of its way. It is time for our country to realize we deserve better than Hillary Clinton or Donald Drumpf. It is time for our government to get its hands out of our businesses and for corporate America to get its hands out of the Government. It is time for our people to be free to succeed or fail on their own. It is time for Liberty.

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