The Big Boy Table

This election cycle, I really hoped I could sit at the big boy table. Ever since I can remember, I have voted for the 3rd party candidate – the one who had no chance of winning. Everyone says to me, “why are you wasting your vote?” My reply is always, “the only wasted vote is the vote you cast for someone in whom you do not believe.” We should be enthusiastic with our votes, rather than begrudgingly holding our nose and voting for the lesser of two evils. When I was a kid, I remember my father coming home from a Reagan fundraiser one night. He was beaming with pride in having a hand in helping in the campaign. That stuck with me.

I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012, and I did so enthusiastically. Though, as much as I want to vote for a candidate I support, I do want to cast a vote for someone who might actually win. This is why I have supported Rand Paul through the primary. This primary should have been a race between Paul, Cruz, and Rubio. With the establishment coming around to support Rubio (Jeb really never had a chance) and Rand and Ted competing for the Liberty vote. I believe Rand had a real chance in this scenario. But, we all know how it has turned out. The GOP has been hijacked by a buffoon who represents everything the voters are disenfranchised about – crony capitalism, corruption, big government.

Now is the time to push for Paul. He is correct when he says no one has voted yet. It is a long shot, but he still has a chance. Talk to your friends and neighbors and co-workers about Rand Paul. This is the critical time. We really do not want a Presidential election where the only two candidates who have a chance to win are Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. If this is the case, I will remove my self from the big boy table, I will vote for Gary Johnson, and I will do so enthusiastically.

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