Talking Super Tuesday Blues

I am about to leave the office and go cast my vote for Ted Cruz for the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee. At this point, I believe there is little hope in anyone winning the nomination other than Donald Drumpf, and that says a lot about how deeply our society has devolved into the celebrity, people magazine culture. Are Republican voters really this delusional? Drumpf is a vile, offensive human being who has contributed to nearly every complaint the voters have about the current state of our nation’s politics.

Let’s count off the chief complaints we hear about politics:

1) There is too much money in politics.  Donald Drumpf has contributed millions of dollars to political campaigns over the years.  He is literally part of the problem- a big part of the problem.

2) There is too much mudslinging in politics.  All you have to do is google “donald trump insults” and you will be greeted with a whole host of examples of the Donald displaying why he will be the mudslinger-in-chief.

3)  We want someone who is an outsider.  Drumpf is in no way an outsider.  Look at the money he donates to both Democrats and Republicans.  He has used government to sue anyone he is made at, and he used the powers of eminent domain to compel the government to take (by force) the property of another individual and give it to him.  For a Parking garage.

4)  The 1% are too powerful and the wage gap is too big.  How can anyone with a conscience make this statement and vote for Donald Drumpf.  It is insane.

Donald Drumpf has proved to America that the movie Idiocracy was not only hilarious but also a rather accurate prophecy about the dumbing down of our country.  The very fact he progressed this far only shows our country is on the decline.  Donald Drumpf is a vulgar, filthy sleaze bucket who would be an absolute disgrace to the office of President.  In a society that values Kim Kardashian’s ass more than the future of our economy, we truly get the government we deserve.

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