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Libertarians and Abortion

Here is another video from Tokenlibertariangirl, making the point that abortion is not solely a religious issue.  I would only add that it is not anti-libertarian to be anti-abortion.  Libertarians are not anarchists who believe there is zero role for government.  Libertarians believe that personal Liberty is sacred, and the role of government is to protect the Liberty of the people.  With this in mind, one could pose the argument that being pro-abortion is decidedly anti-Libertarian.  Allowing for the premeditated destruction of millions of babies in no way protects their Liberty.  As Julie points out, it is not a religious issue, it is a moral issue.  Many Libertarians are anti-abortion, and this does not mean they are unenlightened, knuckle-dragging, bible-thumpers, as most would have you believe.