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How Donald Drumpf can Save the GOP

If there is one thing we know about the 2016 Primary race, it has been unconventional and unpredictable.  That is true for both the Republicans and the Democrats.  Donald Drumpf has thrown the entire process on its head, and the party establishment has no idea how to respond or figure out a way to wrestle…

Really Ted, Bacon?

Really Ted? Is this the best way you can say you love bacon AND that you support the 2nd amendment? It is amazing to me what lengths some politicians will go to show they are pro-guns. I am glad they are pro-guns, but one would think you should promote gun safety and responsibility as well. Wrapping your gun with bacon and firing the weapon makes all gun enthusiasts look bad and proves you are a clown. Cruz dropped a peg or two in my book on this one.

Ted Cruz Invites Open Dialogue to Code Pink Protesters

I have to admit, I like a lot about Ted Cruz, but there is a lot I don’t like. I think he takes some issues over the top, but he seems to stand on principle and refuses to waiver. That alone is refreshing and great to see in the political area. I know most of what he does and says is very calculated, and even though he complains about the political theater in Washington, it is very clear he has a penchant from the dramatic himself. Here is an impromptu engagement he has with some Code Pink protesters at one of his recent rallies. Rather than try to have the protesters dragged away, he brings them up and has a discussion with them. Classy move.