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The Big Boy Table

This election cycle, I really hoped I could sit at the big boy table. Ever since I can remember, I have voted for the 3rd party candidate – the one who had no chance of winning. Everyone says to me, “why are you wasting your vote?” My reply is always, “the only wasted vote is…

The First Debate

A few quick comments on the first debate. At first, I really liked the idea that the moderators were going after certain candidates to make them clarify past statements or positions. I think it is important not to simply take everything a candidate says at face value, but to challenge them to defend their statements.…

Rand Paul’s New Tax Plan

I need to think about this a while, as I have traditionally been a big proponent for the Fair Tax, which eliminates the IRS, along with the 16th amendment. Paul’s plan certainly seems more more achievable and realistic, so it may be a really good way to start.

The Judge talks Rand Paul

Interesting interview from The Anarchast Podcast. Judge Napalitano, who seems to know both Ron and Rand Paul very well, confirms what a lot of us have been hoping. Though it seems Rand has been walking back on some of his Libertarian views, Napalitano states that he believes Rand would actually govern much more closely to his father, than the Republican base to which he has been pandering for the last few weeks. This is very encouraging. I like the Judge a lot and he sounds like he knows the Paul’s and is convinced of Rand’s Libertarian credentials. If Rand is simply talking to expand his base, trying to sound reasonable while spreading his Libertarian views, I can still get behind him.