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The Judge talks Rand Paul

Interesting interview from The Anarchast Podcast. Judge Napalitano, who seems to know both Ron and Rand Paul very well, confirms what a lot of us have been hoping. Though it seems Rand has been walking back on some of his Libertarian views, Napalitano states that he believes Rand would actually govern much more closely to his father, than the Republican base to which he has been pandering for the last few weeks. This is very encouraging. I like the Judge a lot and he sounds like he knows the Paul’s and is convinced of Rand’s Libertarian credentials. If Rand is simply talking to expand his base, trying to sound reasonable while spreading his Libertarian views, I can still get behind him.

Go Rand, Go!

Here is Rand Paul at his best. He is the one candidate that can bring separation of powers and executive overreach in to the 2016 conversation. I don’t believe any other candidate will address these issues. Jeb Bush? Whose brother extended the powers of the executive branch further than any other president before him. Hillary? Who, much more than Obama, has shown the rules do not apply to her and there is no reason why she should be restricted by something as silly as the Constitution.

I am still uncertain about where Paul’s foreign policy will sort out. So far, he seems to fall right in line with what I would hope from our president – we may need to get involved in certain conflicts, but we must do so in a way that is consistent with the restrictions and the processes laid out in the Constitution. Lately, he seems to be a little more hawkish on which conflicts he thinks we should be involved, but as long as he remains true to his belief that our military should only be used to protect true American interests, and any such military action should be properly approved by congress, I can get behind him.