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Trump V Media

The main problem with Trump’s war against the media, and this is indicative of most of my issues with him as a “politician,” is that at the core of it, the man has a valid grief. The pitfall he runs in to time and time again is he overstates and exaggerates that grief until his…

Gary Getting Media Attention

Here is more Gary Johnson saying pretty much the same thing over and over; however, it is nice that he is getting the attention he promised. I believe many Libertarians voted for him in the primary over Austin because Gary does have more credibility and the ability to garner more attention in the media and in the mainstream. It is satisfying that in an election cycle this unconventional, the Libertarian is finally being recognized as the voice of reason!

Mia Love

It is great to see Mia Love stand up to the the dingbats on CNN trying to force identity politics in to every conversation they can. I will be interested to see more of this new Congresswoman from Utah.

What if GOP Sucks

I am not a huge Dana Loesch fan, but she makes a lot of sense here. It is very important to stop the progression of liberalism in this country, but the last thing we want to do is elect a GOP majority that will be as ineffective as the majority of the Bush era. Dana hit it on the head here, we need to be looking at guys like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul to steer the GOP back to where it should be. I really want to vote Republican, but I simply cannot until the party as a whole does three things 1) Return to its roots of fiscal responsibility, 2) Ease up on the “religious right” nonsense on social issues, and 3) tone down the hawkishness and the desire to solve all of the worlds problems with military force.

Despicable Ad

Really hard to put in to words how despicable this is. I recognize any time government cuts spending, there will be a group of whackadoos out there who will blame any new problem that arises on those cuts, but this is over the top. How intellectually dishonest is it for a group of people to actually blame the issues with Ebola on spending cuts. Outrageous!

Political Correctness Run Amok

This is from Bill Maher’s show Friday night, and I think it really shows how deeply and utterly hypnotized the Hollywood left is when it comes to being politically correct. As I said in response to his show last week, I have to applaud Maher for pointing out there are deeply held beliefs in Muslim culture that should be abhorrent to clear thinking, free people. For some reason, lefties like Ben Afleck think it is racist to say that. Certainly, I feel there is a segment of our population that holds a completely misguided view of Muslims, which has resulted in unreasonable Isalmophobia; however, these fears are not entirely baseless. According to a Pew Poll dated April 30, 2013, 74% of Egyptian Muslims believe that Sharia Law should be the law of the land and should apply to all citizens, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. So, 74% of Egyptian Muslims do not believe in freedom of religion. This is not a racist thing to say, it is a fact. Bill’s point is valid – if you believe in these principles, why do Liberals show so much outrage for for a nativity scene in someone’s lawn, but give a free pass to those who do not believe in freedom of religion.

I used to work in the United Arab Emirates. Every time I went through customs, they would go through my luggage and question me about every book and every CD I had with me. “What kind of book is this?” they asked, holding a copy of Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Nausea.” “Just stories,” I replied. After examining the cover further, the customs official decided the book was inappropriate and it was confiscated. This happened. In what is considered the most open and most pro-western Muslim country in the Middle East. Why is it racist to criticize a country that does not believe in free thought? Mr. Afleck, how can you possibly defend this behavior?