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It is Time for Liberty

So, like many of the Libertarians out there, I disagree with Gary Johnson on some of the issues lately. I understand the argument that he is Republican lite. On the issues, I would have preferred Austin Petersen as the standard bearer of the party; however, there is no doubt Johnson will have not only more…

The New GOP

There is a very good article over at United Liberty about the new Libertarian direction the GOP is taking with guys like Rand Paul, Grover Norquist, and Justin Amash.  These are they guys I hope will be leading the GOP in the upcoming years.  Check it out here.

Libertarians and Abortion

Here is another video from Tokenlibertariangirl, making the point that abortion is not solely a religious issue.  I would only add that it is not anti-libertarian to be anti-abortion.  Libertarians are not anarchists who believe there is zero role for government.  Libertarians believe that personal Liberty is sacred, and the role of government is to protect the Liberty of the people.  With this in mind, one could pose the argument that being pro-abortion is decidedly anti-Libertarian.  Allowing for the premeditated destruction of millions of babies in no way protects their Liberty.  As Julie points out, it is not a religious issue, it is a moral issue.  Many Libertarians are anti-abortion, and this does not mean they are unenlightened, knuckle-dragging, bible-thumpers, as most would have you believe.

The Wacko Birds are Here to Stay!

One of the reasons I have not used this blog as much as I would like is that by the time I get a chance to sit down to make a on something, there are already 50 posts elsewhere on the same topic.  This pretty much sums up the struggle in the Republican party.  Establishment continually alienates young and passionate voters, then they sit around and scratch their heads, wondering why so many are jumping ship.  I have not voted for a Republican in years, but I can get behind guys like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.  If this is the direction the GOP is headed, then count me in.  If the establishment chooses to squash the liberty voice within, than my vote will continue to go to the Libertarian Party.  And I will be sad every election that I was not able to vote for someone who had a real chance to promote and defend Liberty in this great Republic of ours.