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Go Paul Ryan!

I certainly have my issues with Paul Ryan, and I believe he has disappointed a lot of people on the Libertarian side, but when he gets fired up, it is sure fun to watch.


Libertarians and Big Business

Check out David Boez’s article in the Daily Beast here. It is very refreshing to hear that the Libertarian leaning members of the GOP are addressing the issue of big business and crony capitalism that most of us find so distasteful, but has been the hallmark of the GOP for so long.  Here is a…

Libertarians and Abortion

Here is another video from Tokenlibertariangirl, making the point that abortion is not solely a religious issue.  I would only add that it is not anti-libertarian to be anti-abortion.  Libertarians are not anarchists who believe there is zero role for government.  Libertarians believe that personal Liberty is sacred, and the role of government is to protect the Liberty of the people.  With this in mind, one could pose the argument that being pro-abortion is decidedly anti-Libertarian.  Allowing for the premeditated destruction of millions of babies in no way protects their Liberty.  As Julie points out, it is not a religious issue, it is a moral issue.  Many Libertarians are anti-abortion, and this does not mean they are unenlightened, knuckle-dragging, bible-thumpers, as most would have you believe.

Direction of the GOP – Part I

This is the first in a series to discuss the direction of the Republican party. We all know the Republican party is in disarray and its direction is unclear.  The Republican party has long ago shifted from the party of small government conservatives to an entrenched political system that spends money and grows government at…

Debt Debacle

The current state of the GOP is nothing more than a pitiful mess – a heap of warm jello melting in the sun – spineless, pointless, and sloshing aimlessly to the floor. This is the fourth time in 2 years our elected “leaders” have sat down to make a serious effort to reduce spending, and…

Atlas Shrugged II

Yes, I had some issues with part one, but I am still anxious to see the next installment.  I hope they have learned from the mistakes of the first movie.  Check out Matt Welch with the film makers at the world premiere.

RNC Shenanigans

Here is a really good overview from FreedomWorks of the shenanigans that went on yesterday at the RNC.  It is very revealing for the direction of the Republican party and should serve as a wake up call to all those who feel we can best change the Republican Party from within.  As of yesterday, the party…

You ARE Libertarian

He is right!  Everyone believes in Libertarian policies, but we are too afraid to vote outside the two party system.  The party leaders have everyone convinced that if we vote Libertarian, we are allowing Obama to win.  It’s funny, because the other side says if you vote Libertarian we are allowing Romney to win.  That goes to show how little difference there truly is in the two parties.