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ReasonTV’s Interview with Charles Cooke

Very interesting interview. I have not heard of “conservatarianism,” but Cooke seems to focus on Federalism, which is supposed to be what separates the right from the left. I do think if we can unite the Republicans and the Libertarians under the concept of Federalism, we could move this country in a positive direction. Cooke gets bonus points for Milton Friedman references.

Uncle Milt talks Robber Barons

I was talking with a co-worker today who was arguing in favor of government organizations such as OSHA and the EPA, lest we slide back to the days of the 1800’s when workers in America were exploited and taken advantage of in the most cruel of ways by the evil Robber Barons of Wall Street, and I was reminded of this speech from Uncle Milt. Even back then, he recognizes the difference between Liberal thinking and Libertarian thinking is the notion of a zero-sum game. Milton makes the point in his speech that many believe someone’s gain is predicated by someone elses loss, thus perpetuating the idea that as the rich get richer, the poor must be getting poorer. The Liberal thinking usually revolves around the transfer of wealth as opposed to the creation of wealth. Therein lies the fallacy.

Finally, Bill Maher makes some sense!

It is nice to finally here Bill Maher make some sense.  I do like to watch his show, and I have watched sense “politically Incorrect” on Comedy Central.  It is frustrating to see a guy who is not only very smart, but someone with whom I used to agree on so many issues, delve deeper and deeper in to liberal hysteria.  In this clip, he finally calls out the left for showing outrage over guys like Rush Limbaugh for calling Funke a slut, but sitting silently while the Muslim world systematically oppresses and tortures women.  Thanks Bill – it is nice to hear you make sense once again.

Rand Paul on the Future of the GOP

Nick Gillespie from Reason interviews Rand Paul. Rand seems to be a lot like his dad, but differs in all of the areas where I have reservations about Ron. I am really looking forward to see how the 2016 elections play out. I am ready to go all in for Rand!