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Trump V Media

The main problem with Trump’s war against the media, and this is indicative of most of my issues with him as a “politician,” is that at the core of it, the man has a valid grief. The pitfall he runs in to time and time again is he overstates and exaggerates that grief until his…

Romney’s Speech

Finally some objective commentary on the RNC and Romney’s speech last week.  It is refreshing to hear something other than Chris Mathews claiming Mitt’s “when the world needs something big done , they look for an American” line was racist  and a reference to the birther movement or Sean Hannity repeating over and over how Paul Ryan is his man crush.  What I like about Stossel and the folks at Reason is that they are skeptical with about being cynics.  Isn’t that what it is all supposed to be about?

John Stossel on Paul Ryan

John Stossel has a very interesting piece about Paul Ryan here, which I think sums up my feelings about the Vice Presidential pick perfectly.  A lot of Libertarians have been warning folks not to get too excited about the Paul Ryan pick.  At the surface, Ryan looks like a Libertarian, or at least as close…