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Election Fraud is NOT a Myth

James O’keefe does it again, exposing multiple campaigns instructing undocumented immigrants they are OK to vote. To his credit, he shows campaign workers from both Republicans and Democrats saying the exact same thing. This is a big deal. It is not racist and it is not discriminatory to make sure that only people who are allowed to vote actually vote. This is one issue which seems the the politics should not get in the way, but somehow, it always does.

Making Sausage

What is most surprising about this video is not that a politician is lying about their stance on an issue, it is that so many people connected to her are willing to talk about it with a complete stranger. It seems like everyone connected to Alison Grimes is willing to spread the word that the US Senate candidate has no intention of supporting the coal industry in Kentucky, despite what she says in her ads. None of this is particularly surprising, but we rarely get to see politicians making sausage quite like this.

Veritas Does it Again

It is interesting that I just finished Breitbart’s book last week, and I was wondering what in the world has happened to James O’keefe and what is he up to. Then I saw this posted on Big Government today. This is very interesting, though sadly, not very surprising. If you watch the entire video, what is most revealing in my mind is when the producers start talking about other films that were made and they had to hide the source of funds. In a style that Breitbart talks about in his book, this looks to be the first release in a series. So stay tuned!