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Gary Johnson on Meet the Press

Gary was great on #MTP this morning. I was pretty disappointed they didn’t give him a little more time, and I thought Todd did a fairly poor job of giving him any real questions. They focused the majority of the time on spoiler questions and which candidate he wants to be president – Drumpf or Hillary. Maybe, just maybe, he is running because he believes he will do a better job than either of those two jokers.

Gary Johnson on The Rubin Report

Here’s a pretty good interview with Gary Johnson on the Rubin Report. Some of it is a little disjointed, but I think it is very interesting. I disagree with some of his comments about Rand Paul. I tend to lean more towards letting the states decide a lot of the social issues, but I certainly get the gist of what he is saying. I know he has no chance of winning, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get my support.

The Big Boy Table

This election cycle, I really hoped I could sit at the big boy table. Ever since I can remember, I have voted for the 3rd party candidate – the one who had no chance of winning. Everyone says to me, “why are you wasting your vote?” My reply is always, “the only wasted vote is…

GJ – Fox Business

The same day Gary Johnson sat in for his 3rd “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, we get a pretty good article on Fox Business about the Governor.  Follow the link Here It starts off talking about an Obama supporter who is disenfranchised in the current election and has turned to Johnson.  This is a very important…

Gary Johnson – Reddit

If you missed Gary Johnson’s AMA on Reddit yesterday, you can check it out here.  As usual, Johnson did a great job of answering the questions directly and without spin.  It is so refreshing to here a candidate speak directly to the voters.  Here are some examples that stood out to me: [–]BlessBless 631 points 20 hours ago…

Gary Johnson on CNN

Great to see Gary Johnson getting some exposure on CNN; however, I would like if it were not focused strictly on him being a “spoiler.”  I feel, like so many other Johnson supporters, that the message of liberty is one that most people believe in, once they hear it.  Until then, people will vote Republican or Democrat, and they will believe there must be something crazy or wacky about someone who is running outside the 2 party system.  I submit that Gary Johnson is not a fringe candidate, that he represents the “main stream” of American ideals.  It is the 2 party system that cares more about perpetuating it’s own dominance, than about the people it claims to represent.