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Making Sausage

What is most surprising about this video is not that a politician is lying about their stance on an issue, it is that so many people connected to her are willing to talk about it with a complete stranger. It seems like everyone connected to Alison Grimes is willing to spread the word that the US Senate candidate has no intention of supporting the coal industry in Kentucky, despite what she says in her ads. None of this is particularly surprising, but we rarely get to see politicians making sausage quite like this.

More IRS

Here is the video of Dave Camp’s exchange with the IRS commissioner where it was revealed that Lerner’s hard drive was physically destroyed. It seems that Issa has sent a letter to the IRS asking a number of questions to get to the bottom of how this could have happened. There is an abbreviated list of the questions here. This is only going to get worse for the IRS.

Go Paul Ryan!

I certainly have my issues with Paul Ryan, and I believe he has disappointed a lot of people on the Libertarian side, but when he gets fired up, it is sure fun to watch.