I know this story is a a week old, but I wanted to give a quick run down on my thoughts concerning Bowe Berdahl. I think Charles Krauthammer’s piece, found here, breaks it down very well.  At the end of the day, this is the kind of heart wrenching any commander in chief is loathe to make; however, most would fall on to the side of bringing this kid home.  Unless we knew with out a doubt that Berdahl is truly a defector and went to fight with the enemy, we as a nation have an obligation to bring him home.

What is so distasteful about this situation, other than the five criminals we had to give up to achieve the deal, is the fact that the president touted the exchange as a victory for the administration (most likely to take attention away from the growing VA scandal).  The timing of the deal is suspect, to be sure.  Rather than wondering why everyone is upset, Obama should have said this was a hard decision; he should have said questions remain about how Berdahl was captured; he should have told the American people there will be a full investigation and if there was any wrongdoing Berdahl will be subject to justice, but that justice in this case is the job of the United States military and not the gang of thieves and degenerates who captured overseas.

Without direct knowledge of Bowe’s

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