POTUS, You Petulant Child

First it was meat inspections, then it was 170 million lost jobs, then we shut down little children’s tours of the White House.  Now, the Washington Post reports here, that the spoiled brat-in-chief is threatening to shut down Easter.  I really have no words to describe this childish behavior from the most partisan President in American history.  Firstly, let me confess, I am not a Christian – I am an Atheist.  Personally, I have no affiliation with the Holiday of Easter – but I celebrate it.  My kids have fun.  We hunt for eggs.  We celebrate the coming of Spring.  And now Obama, the most arrogant, petulant jack-wagon who has ever held office is trying to use a children’s holiday as political leverage, in an attempt to blame all of the trumped up sequester cuts on the Republicans.

Is there no shame, Mr. Obama.  Is there no humiliation, you petulant child?  Is there no humanity in that manufactured grin you wear so proudly on your chin.


POTUS, you petulant child.

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