How Donald Drumpf can Save the GOP

If there is one thing we know about the 2016 Primary race, it has been unconventional and unpredictable.  That is true for both the Republicans and the Democrats.  Donald Drumpf has thrown the entire process on its head, and the party establishment has no idea how to respond or figure out a way to wrestle control back from The Donald.  I believe the GOP is deathly afraid that if Donald becomes their nominee, they will be stuck in a position of trying to defend every screwball idea, offensive statement, and wavering opinion that comes out of his mouth.  This would be a disaster for the party!

I also believe that if Donald Drumpf had never entered the race, Jeb! or Marco would be running away with the GOP nomination.  If Donald had never entered the race, Ted Cruz would have zero chance of winning the nomination.  He would probably have most of his supporters, and some of Donald’s, but everyone else would have fallen behind another candidate to present yet another middle of the road, crony-capitalism Republican as the candidate.

The only thing the GOP can do now is rally behind Ted Cruz.  They will have to convince Rubio to drop out of the race, which he should, and they should put all of their support behind Cruz.  With the full support of the GOP behind Cruz, he will win the nomination.  It will be close, and Drumpf will continue to do well in many states, but with the vote no longer divided, Cruz will win.  With Cruz as the nominee, the party must shift back to the right.  The party must align itself with Cruz and his policies of limited government, restrained spending, and constitutional ideals – you know, what the Republican Party is supposed to be!  With Cruz as the nominee, the congress will be constantly persuaded to shift legislation to the right, to quit cutting bad deals, and to quit growing our debt by kicking the can down the road on fiscal responsibility.  Can you imagine the reaction if a President Cruz were to veto a spending bill coming from a Republican congress?

I do not support Cruz on everything.  I disagree with his immigration policies, even though I think he is trying to talk to tough on the campaign trail.  I disagree with his foreign policies, but I do believe he will balance overseas intervention with the economic impacts such missions would have on our country.  At the end of the day, Ted Cruz is what the Republican Party should be.  The areas where I disagree with Cruz are the same areas where I disagree with the basic tenants of conservatism.  I can, however, support Ted Cruz as the Republican candidate for president, because I believe he is the best chance we have of pulling our country back from the brink and out of the control of the Republicrats who have been in control of this country for so long.

And none of that would have been possible without Donald Drumpf mixing it up in the primary.  I hope Carson, Kasich, and Rubio drop out of the race and the GOP can unite behind Ted Cruz.  It is the only way to beat Donald and take back control of the Republican Party.

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