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The same day Gary Johnson sat in for his 3rd “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, we get a pretty good article on Fox Business about the Governor.  Follow the link Here

It starts off talking about an Obama supporter who is disenfranchised in the current election and has turned to Johnson.  This is a very important trend that needs attention – NOT ALL JOHNSON SUPPORTERS ARE TAKING VOTES AWAY FROM ROMNEY.

Curren is part of a group that may be small and somewhat unknown but that is powered by its passion for the small business owner and former New Mexico governor who vetoed 750 bills, cut tax rates 14 times without raising them and left office with a $1 billion budget surplus. His name is Gary Johnson and if you didn’t know — he is running for President of the United States on the Libertarian ticket.

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Johnson’s hard-line policies are ambitious—and in many instances, radical. If elected, he said he’d abolish the IRS and enact a “fair tax,” reduce federal involvement in the economy by eliminating government support for mortgage giants Fannie and Freddie Mac, reject bailouts, cut spending by revising terms for entitlement programs like Medicare and eliminate what he calls “ineffective military interventions.”

“People are usually voting for the lesser of two evils,” explained Debbie Dean, an Ohio-based farmer and owner of Dean’s Greenhouse. “But Gary Johnson is not being included in polls, and I think the American public is being prohibited [from having] a real choice.”

Johnson, who calls himself more socially liberal than Obama and more fiscally conservative than Romney, recognizes that the recognition problem is a huge one — and he said as much in an interview with Fox Business Network’s John Stossel on September 13.



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