RNC Shenanigans

Here is a really good overview from FreedomWorks of the shenanigans that went on yesterday at the RNC.  It is very revealing for the direction of the Republican party and should serve as a wake up call to all those who feel we can best change the Republican Party from within.  As of yesterday, the party…

You ARE Libertarian

He is right!  Everyone believes in Libertarian policies, but we are too afraid to vote outside the two party system.  The party leaders have everyone convinced that if we vote Libertarian, we are allowing Obama to win.  It’s funny, because the other side says if you vote Libertarian we are allowing Romney to win.  That goes to show how little difference there truly is in the two parties.

John Stossel on Paul Ryan

John Stossel has a very interesting piece about Paul Ryan here, which I think sums up my feelings about the Vice Presidential pick perfectly.  A lot of Libertarians have been warning folks not to get too excited about the Paul Ryan pick.  At the surface, Ryan looks like a Libertarian, or at least as close…