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Gary Johnson on Meet the Press

Gary was great on #MTP this morning. I was pretty disappointed they didn’t give him a little more time, and I thought Todd did a fairly poor job of giving him any real questions. They focused the majority of the time on spoiler questions and which candidate he wants to be president – Drumpf or Hillary. Maybe, just maybe, he is running because he believes he will do a better job than either of those two jokers.

Gary Johnson 2016

This weekend, Gary Johnson won the nomination for the Libertarian Party. Though I would have preferred Austin Petersen be the nominee, I believe Gary Johnson has the best chance to win, or at least do well in the election. He is already polling around 10% against Drumpf and Hillary, which will certainly grow now that he is the nominee, and could very well get him in to the Presidential Debates. This would be a game changer. Folks, it is time to get behind Gary Johnson and show the country we are not stuck choosing between a crook and a reality TV bum.

Talking Super Tuesday Blues

I am about to leave the office and go cast my vote for Ted Cruz for the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee. At this point, I believe there is little hope in anyone winning the nomination other than Donald Drumpf, and that says a lot about how deeply our society has devolved into the celebrity, people…