I would never suggest someone fire any weapon improperly; however, he seems to be observing proper safety protocol and proves an important point. Well done, sir.

Due Process is Killing Us??!!

The one thing he says in this video that is correct, and the only thing, is that due process is a firewall. Due process is a firewall against government tyranny. It should be unsettling at the very least to every American citizen that a representative of our government claims that due process should not be observed when the government feels it can take away a citizen’s rights. This is absolute lunacy. It would do us well to remember that the government does not grant us our rights. The government does not grant us our power. The government’s role should be only to protect these rights. We, as a people, have chosen to relinquish some of our power and appropriate it to the government for this purpose – to better protect our rights. The fact that an agent of the government wants to take away our rights without due process is not only despicable, it is grossly un-American!

Gary Getting Media Attention

Here is more Gary Johnson saying pretty much the same thing over and over; however, it is nice that he is getting the attention he promised. I believe many Libertarians voted for him in the primary over Austin because Gary does have more credibility and the ability to garner more attention in the media and in the mainstream. It is satisfying that in an election cycle this unconventional, the Libertarian is finally being recognized as the voice of reason!

It is Time for Liberty

So, like many of the Libertarians out there, I disagree with Gary Johnson on some of the issues lately. I understand the argument that he is Republican lite. On the issues, I would have preferred Austin Petersen as the standard bearer of the party; however, there is no doubt Johnson will have not only more…