Andrew Breitbart

I just finished reading Andrew Breitbart’s book “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World,” and I was struck by a few thoughts. First is, I really miss Brietbart. For the record, when he was alive I was not necessarily a huge fan. I liked Breitbart, though I felt he came across as a little obnoxious at times, but I miss his energy, his passion, his devotion to the cause. I don’t agree with Andrew on all of his issues, most notably his foreign policy, but regardless of our differences, it was refreshing to see a public figure on the right who was not afraid to back down from his beliefs, one who relished in being the lightning rod for the political left.

Where is this kind of energy now? We are fast approaching the midterm election season, and I just don’t see the kind of excitement and rabble rousing one would have expected from the obnoxious, the overzealous, the not always coherent, but always passionate and steadfast Andrew Breitbart.

April 15th has come and gone with little a peep from the Tea Party that embraced Breitbart and his ideas. He was such a defender of the Tea Party. Andrew seemed to make it his mission to expose the Tea Party slanderers in the news and to hold them accountable for their baseless claims against a group that is simply asking for government to be a better steward of their money. I wonder if part of the Tea Party’s demise and their ineffectiveness in the 2012 election is not directly related to the loss of their most ardent and vocal defender.

Love him, hate him, doesn’t matter. Andrew Breitbart set out to make waves in the mainstream media and he succeeded in tremendous fashion. His book is a wonderfully entertaining account of some of the most memorable events in recent political/pop culture.

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