A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – Net Neutrality

Do we really have to fall for this again?  We don’t have to go any further than the comments from Jonathan Gruber that have recently come to light to understand why we should not take the government on its word when it comes to net neutrality.  Just as the Federal Income Tax and the Affordable Care Act, this is nothing but a power grab.  Obama says we need to keep the internet “free” and “open,” but as soon as the FCC reclassifies the internet as a utility, all bets are off.

This is a classic example of the government making up a problem that does not exist, then swooping in to “save the day” and take control.  Then, we the people wake up one day and find that the FCC has now made a few new rules here or a few tweaks to policy there, and *poof* the internet as we know it is dead.  I find it sickening how many people are BEGGING the FCC to take over, thinking they are going to stop the evil corporations from “maximizing profits,” when all we are doing is inviting the wolf to watch the sheep.

Maybe Jonathan Gruber was right.  Maybe we are too stupid to stand up and demand our rights not be taken away.  Maybe we are so gullible to hand over what little power and control we have left over our lives to those who claim to know what’s best for us.

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