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Great Johnson Ad

Gary on Fox

Dom Tullispso

This is hilarious. Perhaps the funniest thing I have seen in quite a while. Share this:EmailRedditTwitterFacebook



It is Time for Liberty

So, like many of the Libertarians out there, I disagree with Gary Johnson on some of the issues lately. I understand the argument that he is Republican lite. On the issues, I would have preferred Austin Petersen as the standard bearer of the party; however, there is no doubt Johnson will have not only more national exposure, but more credibility than our party has had in a very long time. It is already pretty evident in the stream of press and appearances he has had in the last week since winning the nomination. So yes, I am all if for…

How Donald Drumpf can Save the GOP

If there is one thing we know about the 2016 Primary race, it has been unconventional and unpredictable.  That is true for both the Republicans and the Democrats.  Donald Drumpf has thrown the entire process on its head, and the party establishment has no idea how to respond or figure out a way to wrestle control back from The Donald.  I believe the GOP is deathly afraid that if Donald becomes their nominee, they will be stuck in a position of trying to defend every screwball idea, offensive statement, and wavering opinion that comes out of his mouth.  This would…

Talking Super Tuesday Blues

I am about to leave the office and go cast my vote for Ted Cruz for the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee. At this point, I believe there is little hope in anyone winning the nomination other than Donald Drumpf, and that says a lot about how deeply our society has devolved into the celebrity, people magazine culture. Are Republican voters really this delusional? Drumpf is a vile, offensive human being who has contributed to nearly every complaint the voters have about the current state of our nation’s politics. Let’s count off the chief complaints we hear about politics: 1) There is…

The Big Boy Table

This election cycle, I really hoped I could sit at the big boy table. Ever since I can remember, I have voted for the 3rd party candidate – the one who had no chance of winning. Everyone says to me, “why are you wasting your vote?” My reply is always, “the only wasted vote is the vote you cast for someone in whom you do not believe.” We should be enthusiastic with our votes, rather than begrudgingly holding our nose and voting for the lesser of two evils. When I was a kid, I remember my father coming home from…